Short but sweet

Good gosh is that the time? It’s the end of October already, my how the year has flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was ruffling the hair of February and pinching the cheeks of March and now I find myself nervously peering up at an angry November wondering what he has in store for me.

A life outside parenthesis was one year old this month, or seven years old in dog years. Either way, it is quite remarkable that I managed to keep rambling on for such a long time. Perhaps like an old person who hasn’t yet noticed that everyone has sneaked out of the back door and headed down to the pub without them; I’m sat here happily chatting away to myself. Still, it keeps me busy, keeps me off the streets, and gives me somewhere to publish all the stuff that I’m working on: ideas for my novel, ideas for articles and the like. It is a place where I have periodically emptied my mind (for want of a better phrase) and removed some of the things that were clogging it up.

Looking at my stats I’ve managed to squeeze off thirty-five blog posts in twelve months, although hardly prolific, that’s a heck of a lot of words especially when you consider the tens of thousands that have fallen by the wayside during the process.

I’d like to think my experiment in blogging, the reason why I started all this in the first place to escape those “two curved smiles of sadness and happiness…or forfeit my sanity” has worked to a certain degree. I’m certainly not using them so much, and having to find new ways of writing and covering new and unexplored ideas has been very rewarding.

So I’ve decided that over the next year I am now going to work on the length of writing that I produce. Too often I find myself blindly heading towards two-thousand words, when I started with the intention of writing  five-hundred. It takes an awful lot of hours editing and shaving words from a hairy piece of prose until it resembles something approaching readable. I’m going aim to write less words, but more often. I think something around the 400 -500 words mark would be about just enough to get a point across without labouring it, and still be short enough to be readable.  This post was 420 words by the way. Just about right.

So, thanks for reading, sharing and commenting.

Here’s to year two…


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