Smoking Kills

STAR Movies is an Indian Satellite movie channel, and the only one on my television that has English language, it shows the usual fare of Hollywood pap interspersed by a large number of adverts for whitening cream, and one rather disturbing advert for an internet provider that involves a baby delivering itself, cutting its own umbilical cord before taking a selfie with the midwife, uploading the picture to Facebook and strolling out of the hospital using a map on an IPad.

More interesting than the tech savvy newborn, is that before almost every film they play a long infomercial about the dangers of smoking, and show a message that states “WARNING: the following film contains scenes where people are smoking. The actors in the film do not condone smoking in anyway, and any scenes of smoking in the film are there as part of the story and are not intended to advertise or promote smoking” or words to that effect.

After the warning we are then treated to films that contain scenes of unbelievably horrific violence. Take the Expendables II for example. Sly and Arnie and a whole host of has-beens and soon-to-be-has-beens go around killing everyone they come across in as many different ways as possible. All under the guise of entertainment. According to Wikipedia the death count stands at 489, and as the film last for 103 painful minutes, this works out at just under five murders a minute.

But hey kids, don’t smoke, it’s bad for you.



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