Guten Nacht

My early-to-bed-plan was rudely interrupted last night as both my phone and the four teams I had lost contact with simultaneously found themselves with reception. Through poor lines, intermittent service and my ability to speak fluent Myanmar by shouting loudly and slowly in English I managed to complete my nightly round up of the twelve teams scattered throughout the region I am supervising. Though after the twenty odd calls it took do this it was knocking on midnight by the time my head returned to the pillow.

Jump forward to this morning at just before seven. I’ve thrown a coffee and an under-ripe banana down my throat and I’m about to leave the breakfast room to embark on a two to three hour drive followed by a two to three hour motorbike ride to observe a team conduct a survey in a remote village. When I bump into two German tourists who  are entering the room; upon seeing me their faces turn sour . These are the same Germans I wished a pleasant “Guten Nacht” to at about eight thirty across the corridor from my room.

Now bear in mind; yesterday started at six am, was followed closely by a twelve hour drive, a bit of food and then a few hours of shouting down a phone, a few hours shut before getting up at today at half past six to do it all again. I’m a bit saddle sore, a bit weary and I’m generally not the happiest bunny in the morning on a good day anyhow.

Them: “Do you know we hardly slept at all last night.”

Me: “Awesome! You know, some couples find that the physical side of the relationship dries up at a certain age. Good work! Keep it up guys!”

It wasn’t until I got to reception that it even registered what I had said. That’s my inner parenthesis taking advantage of my tiredness and escaping. Bad news.

The not so funny thing was that my driver was thirty minutes late and I had sit outside the guest house and wait whilst the confused/tired/angry Germans gave me evils and pointed at me as they checked out.

Ah well, who knows I might have inadvertently spiced up the remainder of their holiday.

“Alles Klar!”

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