The Penny drops

…And that concludes our presentation. In summary – this is the most technologically advanced communications device the world has ever seen. None of our competitors are within in a mile of the clever electrickery inside this baby, the market is ours. We’ve listened to our customers and made it fast, clever, smart strong, sexy and practically indestructible.


Fantastic, I love it lets build it…. sorry, what was that bit at the end about being, indestructible?


Yes our focus group discussions with consumers highlighted this as a major factor in their decision to purchase a mobile phone; they want it sexy and sleek, yet rugged and tough. And by using the latest amazingly advanced lightweight space-aged materials we have created a device that not only looks good, but you could run over it with a steamroller and it wouldn’t even scratch. This will be the last phone that our consumers will have to buy for a long time.


Oh, well that’s no good, I like all the other bits, but you’ll have to change the case.


Really, do you think that there are better, more durable, more advanced case technologies available that we haven’t considered?


Make it out of glass.


What the special reinforced  glass that could withstand being dropped from a plane. It might add a bit to the price and weight, but I think we could work with that.


No, make it with the really thin weak glass that would shatter if the phone fell out of say a handbag placed too hastily on the floor, the kind of glass that would crack if you got out of the car too fast with it in your pocket. The kind of glass that tumblers you used to get free with petrol are made out; you know the type.


But surely that won’t work; nobody wants a phone that will break? These are pieces of amazing equipment; no one would be foolish enough to buy them if they realised they were so flimsy. They’re going to be retailing at over $1000 you know, that’s a lot of money to some people.


Well they could buy a cheap plastic case to protect it.


But isn’t covering a $1000 phone with an ugly $5 rubber case a bit like bubble wrapping a Ferrari? Don’t we have a duty to our loyal customers to provide a high quality, long lasting, durable and strong product that can withstand daily use and the knocks that come with that, whilst maintaining a sophisticated and sexy look?


Well it’s up to them, if they want to protect their investment.


But no one will want to do that, because the cover will hide the beautiful façade, it will spoil the whole look of the product. They would possibly rather risk destroying their massively expensive phone, than hiding what they have spent a month’s mortgage on.




Well, if the phones are so easy to break, wont people have to keep replacing them?


Bingo, the penny drops.


Now who was working on those batteries that self-destruct after 365 charges…..?

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