Russell brands Revolution: The leather trousered philanthropist.

Last year I wrote a blog: “Russell Brand’s revolution: Wankers one and All”.


And recently it’s been getting a massive amount of attention. That might be because he’s just written a book called “Revolution”, or maybe it’s linked to the word “Wanker” in the title I don’t know.

Or it could just be because Russell Brand is making a bit of noise, and getting a lot of press attention at the minute:

For example:


Hadley Freeman in the Guardian:

Britain, don’t put your faith in Russell Brand’s revolution.

 “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.”



Barry Cohen also in the guardian:

Revolution by Russell Brand review – the barmy credo of a Beverly Hills Buddhist.

“The comedian’s desire to lead a global revolution is undermined by his smug, shallow manifesto”


Stephen Glover in the Mail online:*



Why does anyone take this clown of a poseur seriously? He’s lionised by the BBC and The Guardian as a political seer.

“The truth, says STEPHEN GLOVER, is that Russell Brand is a ludicrous charlatan”

or even

Yasmin Alibhai Brown: Independent:

Russell Brand might seem like a sexy revolutionary worth getting behind, but he will only fail his fans

“Politics needs to be cleaned up, not thrown into disarray by irresponsible populists”


Have you read his book?


Well, If you haven’t, you should do so.


It’s an interesting read.






2 thoughts on “Russell brands Revolution: The leather trousered philanthropist.

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  1. Liking the headlines here – Brand certainly knows how to divide opinion (which is probably a good thing!)

    I’ve read the book and, while I enjoyed it, think it could have been a fair bit better. My review is here, if you’re interested: Revolution by Russell Brand

    1. Thanks for the comment Matthew, and thanks for sharing your excellent review. It’s a pretty accurate and fair account, and although perhaps I enjoyed the book more than you, I do agree with many of the points you bring up, and your criticisms. I enjoy the flair and enthusiasm of Brands writing, and likewise think it is better served in smaller doses, like some of his newspaper column, the verbosity of his writing does seem to be a cloak with which he hides his sometimes flakey ideas and limited detail. That said, I’m all for the revolution, and regardless of whether you like Brand, or his writing, or even agree with him, you can’t argue that it has got people talking and got people thinking, which isnt a bad start. Cheers! Cliff

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