“Bloody immigrants coming over here and taking our jobs,”

said the man…

…wearing his Burberry cap, Fred Perry shirt, Lonsdale sweat pants and Reeboks.  Made in China, Portugal, Malaysia and Vietnam respectively.

With his St. George Cross flag (manufactured in China) stuck to the back window of his American owned, Turkish built Ford Transit Van.

The irony lost on him that these ‘British’ corporations have transferred their entire (or certainly the majority of their) manufacturing operations overseas, (or ‘outsourced’ them as it is politely known) to reduce manufacturing costs.

Though I don’t seem to recall Burberry passing this reduction in costs onto their customers in the shape of price cuts when they closed their Treorchy and Rotherham factories and moved them to China. I’m sure that the few remaining Burberry employees in Castleford and Keighley aren’t so confident about receiving Carriage clocks when they stop (or are stopped from) working for the company – tick tock, tick tock.


“They don’t even pay taxes, they just come for the benefits,” said the lady…

…shopping at Amazon and ebay on her IPhone, drinking a Starbucks coffee whilst waiting for Asda to deliver her groceries, paying for it all on her (pick a bank any bank) credit card.

Oblivious to the fact that foreign corporations such as these are avoiding (or is it evading?) paying the required amount of corporate tax on their profits in the UK using clever loopholes that allow them to record their profits made here in Bermuda, or the Cayman Islands or wherever.

Benefit fraud in the UK last year was reckoned to be about £1.2bn.

Tax evasion (or is it avoidance?) by the corporations was estimated to be £5bn a year, although some analysts think the figure is more realistically £12bn if you include ‘complex tax planning’ into the equation (whatever that is).


Isn’t it depressing that we have become so accepting, so immune even to the fact that almost all of the products we consume on a daily basis have been produced by bloody foreigners in bloody foreign countries – I bet they don’t even speak English – and then imported here. When previously they were produced here, by companies based here, that employed people that lived here.

And that the amount of tax avoided (evaded) by massive major corporations with incomes larger than the GDP of countries – If Wal-Mart (they own Asda) were a country it would have the 28th highest GDP in the world – is just so unbelievably huge that we cannot begin to comprehend it.

When the number of jobs available in the UK are reduced, when the amount of taxes to be collected is manipulatively reduced.

Isn’t it much easier to concentrate our efforts on blaming those who’d lose out the most (those who’ve already lost the most)?

Isn’t it easy to blame Johnny foreigner for our woes?

Wasn’t life much better before they came over here, taking our jobs, claiming our benefits and not paying their taxes?

If only it were so simple.



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