You carry a container around with you all the time.

You carry a container around with you all the time. It might be a small flask, a cardboard box or a suitcase on wheels. It could be a tattered old rucksack, or even a shiny metal briefcase; but it is yours, and only you can open it.

You are the only person who can fill that container and you are the only person who can empty it.

You carry it around clutched firmly to your chest for fear of losing it, or dropping it, keeping it tightly closed for fear of releasing its contents to the world.

Your container is really heavy because you keep filling it with really heavy stuff.

The heavy stuff is easy to keep; you can just shove it in willy-nilly without thought or regard.

As fast as the heavy stuff comes flying at you, you keep throwing it in.

Your container is packed with your fears and inadequacies, your frustrations and mistakes, your hates, your foolish moments, your anger, and your demons.

There’s a special place for your old school reports, for regrets, for your failures, your insecurities, your pain and your sadness of what-could-have-been.

You don’t keep many of the light things, you forget to put them in because often they are the more difficult ones to keep, you have to take care with them, catch them as they occasionally float past, folding them gently and placing them delicately in your container.

These are your loves, your hearts desires, your happy memories, your compliments, your goose-bumps and your butterflies, your picture postcard moments, your successes, your smiles, your victories and achievements. You really should be collecting that laughter, those kisses, those moments of trust, of truth, but often you aren’t.

And it doesn’t really make any sense.

Why do you insist on keeping all the heavy things, leaving no room for the lighter stuff?

Your container is almost full and before you know it there will be no room left.

Why don’t you dump that heavy, unnecessary stuff, throw it away and make some space.

Lighten your load by being more selective in what you keep, and what you discard.

You might take a peek inside your container more often if you fill it with the light things.

And trust me, it will be much better for your back.

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