Theresa May: You have been weighed, and you have been measured…

There is a theory in business called the Peter Principle, that suggests that people rise to “their level of incompetence.” This roughly means that being good at one job doesn’t mean you’ll be as good at the job on the next rung up the ladder. As people get promoted they become less-effective at their job, until they are promoted into a role that they just cannot do – they reach their “level of incompetence”.

Like her friend Donald (I thought being president would be easier) Trump, Theresa May has found herself promoted into a job that not only she cannot do, but one that she is, lets face it, pretty shit at. And that’s not to say that she was particularly good at being a Home Secretary, what with the racist vans and police cuts and what have you, she was shit at that too. But her performance in the election campaign so far has been amateur at best and a real demonstration that she is not made of the stuff that makes a Prime Minister.

Regardless of the outcome of the election I’m pretty sure she’ll disappear into back bench insignificance before you can say “let me be clear” –  as record holder for both the shortest time as PM in history and the shortest time as leader of the Tory party.

I don’t believe she even wanted the election, she told us six times she wasn’t going to call one and I don’t buy that she had an epiphany one day whilst out on a walk. Even if she was off her tits on Kendal mint cake, it’s a pretty mental thing to do. – she was in power, her ‘team’ were planning for Brexit, why would she interrupt that?

If she’d stuck with her promise of not having an election until 2020 then she wouldn’t be having to stress about how crap Jeremy Corbyn would be at Brexit negotiations, and she’d have a lot more time on her hands to prepare.

The strange Theresa May and her ‘team’ approach the Tory’s have taken to this strange election can’t have been her idea either. It must have been thought up by someone who’d never met her, and the election campaign sound bites she’d been handed, probably scribbled onto a napkin by Sir Lynton Crosby after a boozy brainstorming lunch were, I’m sure,  intended to be more of a prompt to be incorporated into comprehensive wide reaching answers, not words to be repeated ad-verbatim at every opportunity regardless of the question.

Her performance on BBC Question time showed exactly how far removed she is from the British people, perhaps because she’s so unused to actually speaking to people (apart from that time Cathy got through her minders), and hearing their concerns and problems. When  faced with real issues, personal problems and real people, her sound bite answers sound even more hollow and uncaring. Her lack of empathy and lack of understanding of the real difficulties facing millions in this country are very evident. And she can’t explain her plan for Brexit because it turns out there still isn’t one, other than:

“Brexit means Brexit”

“Great, global trading nation”

“Safer, more secure and more prosperous”

“Stronger, fairer and more prosperous Britain”

“No deal is better than a bad deal”

Those words butter no parsnips when you are reliant on a food bank to feed your family, if you are in fear of your savings being taken away due to ill health or if you are a small business wondering what the post-Brexit future holds for you.

You don’t need to have read “The art of the deal” by D J Trump to understand that “No deal is better than a bad deal” is a piss poor starting point to be going into Brexit negotiations, especially with a bunch of countries that hate you because you are best mates with the bloke who’s the biggest threat to global peace and who just pulled out of the Paris  agreement because he’s upset by the quality of his hairspray (I shit you not).

With less than a week to go, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party will be campaigning and talking to people – real people, and listening to real people. They will continue spreading the message of fairness and equality for all until the bitter end, as they have done throughout the election campaign, and continuing to explain that there is no “magic money tree” – just sound, forward-thinking economic policy.

I imagine we won’t be seeing that much more of Theresa and her team, not that we’ve seen a great deal from them anyway. They’ll be putting 11 players behind the ball and time wasting around the corner flag until the final whistle goes, hoping and praying that the gradual decline of Tory voters will at least slow down sufficiently for them to limp home on June 8th.

Watching BBC Question Time I’ve learned a few new things about both party leaders, and a few things have been confirmed for me. For example: Jeremy Corbyn is very uncomfortable at the prospect of having to ‘press a button’ that will kill millions of people, and he is unhappy talking about it – he’d rather be talking about promoting global peace and equality and eradicating poverty. He comes across as a very calm and collected and caring leader.

May on the other had  is very uncomfortable about trying to explain to real people why they will have to continue to suffer on low and stagnant wages or face benefits cuts for the next five years under an austerity-led Tory government. She is very unhappy having to deal with real people, who have real issues and real problems, she has no answers to them other than overused rhetoric and spreading untruths about her opposition. And she demonstrated without any shadow of a doubt that she has reached her “level of incompetence”.

One thing you can be sure of, regardless of the lies that the Tory newspapers will print about it. On BBC Question Time on 2nd June Theresa Mary May was weighed, she was measured and she absolutely was found wanting.



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