Choose love not hate, choose hope not fear

What an unbelievable election this has turned out to be! It’s been the most important and exciting election in my lifetime, and as much as I despaired when Theresa May U-turned into it, I'm incredibly proud of the positive reaction from the people of the UK. Regardless of the outcome, a movement is happening, people... Continue Reading →

Theresa May: “Enough is Enough”

I've long considered Theresa May a poor Prime Minister and a weak leader. This is mainly due to her terrible performances at PMQ’s, her feeble impressions of Margaret Thatcher and more recently due to her directionless and at times bizarre  election campaign. I assumed her reluctance to engage with the population of the country, or... Continue Reading →

Theresa May: You have been weighed, and you have been measured…

There is a theory in business called the Peter Principle, that suggests that people rise to "their level of incompetence." This roughly means that being good at one job doesn’t mean you’ll be as good at the job on the next rung up the ladder. As people get promoted they become less-effective at their job,... Continue Reading →

I believe that Labour can win this election.

If you’re a political whizz, a dyed-in-the-wool Tory/Blairite, part of the aristocracy or a member of the rich elite then this blog is probably not for you. If it seems like I’ve over simplified a complicated subject, it is because this blog is aimed at 'normal' people, like me, and this is how I best understand... Continue Reading →

Americans: an alternative version of Russians by Sting (with apologies to Sting)

This is what happens when you drink half a bottle of wine and then listen to iTunes on shuffle at the same time as reading the news. I was just catching up on Donald Trump’s latest escapades when Sting’s 1985 song ‘Russians’ came on and I found myself singing along but inventing new lyrics relevant... Continue Reading →

Be Not Inhospitable To Strangers

These words are painted on a wall in a bookshop in Paris called Shakespeare and Company. They’re  actually a paraphrasing of Hebrews 13:2, and when I first came across them I was struck by the power of their message, not for religious reasons, (obviously) as I don’t believe in Angels, but because the words mirror an... Continue Reading →

A ‘true’ story about inequality…

The year is 2 million years BC, and a lone Homo Habilis is standing on the dirt path outside his shelter, his friend appears behind him. “That's a fancy pile of strategically placed rocks encircling your dwelling place you've got there Wanna!” “Oh hi Marej, yes I know, it’s taken me all feckin day, but... Continue Reading →

A nightmare on Downing Street

A long and dusty road stretches off into the distance of a barren and parched landscape, a dirty barefoot girl in bloodied rags is staggering across the scrubland frantically waving and shouting at an approaching vehicle. The car skids to a halt a hundred meters down the road and as the girl clambers onto the tarmac the... Continue Reading →

This is a Christian country with Christian Values

It seems too coincidental that just a few days after David Cameron rolled out the old “This is a Christian country with Christian Values, we'll have no trouble here” speech like an old racist shopkeeper, he and his family, friends and everyone in Christendom and beyond who happen to be uber rich have  been exposed to be paying... Continue Reading →

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