Lettuce prey.

"Cinema’s ‘ban’ the Church of England Lord's Prayer advert!" And so they should! When I go to the cinema to watch a movie filled with guns and explosions and people being killed, with a hint of a love story and maybe one comedic character for the kids. I want lots of sneaky product placements to subconsciously... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Corbyn could do Kendo Nagasaki any day!

British politics today is like wrestling, and I’m not talking about that fake American stuff, I’m talking about real (and it was absolutely real) wrestling, proper British wrestling (circa the late 1970’s early 1980’s), when it was  televised on ITV World of Sport on a Saturday afternoon. Curtains would be drawn at 4pm every Saturday... Continue Reading →

Small acts of rebellion

“Do you have the time.” This is barked at me across the aisle in the quiet carriage on a Thursday afternoon by a man who makes it very clear that this is not a question, this is an order. From the manner in which he has spoken and way that he is dressed I imagine... Continue Reading →

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

It doesn’t matter whether the recent allegations about the British Prime Minister are true or false, the damage has been done. And though what he is accused of doing is technically not illegal, (owning pictures of it might be), he will be remembered for this accusation for evermore, which is a bit of a shame... Continue Reading →

Escape to Hsipaw, Myanmar

The success of Hsipaw as a back-packer tourist destination has been surprisingly rapid, especially as it has always been talked of as a well-kept secret. Vang Veing it is not however, and is still managing to retain it’s charm as a riverside market town despite the throngs of independent travellers. There was a period of... Continue Reading →

Russell Brand’s Monster? or NONE OF THE ABOVE

Back in October 2013 I chucked my two penneth down into the interweb along with a thousand others who had something to say about Russell Brand - (Russell Brand’s Revolution or “Wankers one and all”?). He’d just leapt into the political spotlight having guest edited the Spectator magazine and appeared on Newsnight to tell Jeremy Paxman that he... Continue Reading →

In ‘defence’ of Katie Hopkins

A lady called Katie Hopkins had an article published in the Sun Newspaper on Friday 17th April 2015, titled: "Rescue Boats? I'd use gunships to stop migrants". And it is upsetting a lot of people. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/04/18/katie-hopkins-russell-bra_n_7091674.html?utm_hp_ref=tw  http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/katie-hopkins-when-is-enough-enough-10186490.html But in defence of this Katie, (and this is probably not a view you’ll read anywhere else) I think... Continue Reading →

UK Election: Voting for the Rat King?

A Rat King (Roi des Rats) if you are unfamiliar with the phrase or have never seen one before, is a pretty nasty (possibly crypto-zoological) phenomenon. That is basically a collection of rats that are inextricably bound together through being born into and growing up in a restricted environment.   Due to this close proximity their tails... Continue Reading →

It’s not fair: A blog on inequality

It’s been seven days since I promised some pals that I would publish this piece within twenty-four hours – so true to form I’m late. It’s not been a week of lounging by the pool drinking margaritas I might add. It’s been a week of studying documents, reading newspapers, and scouring the web for information.... Continue Reading →

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