BurBrit: The Best Beer in Myanmar

With dry-January nothing but a distant memory already clouded by several hangovers, what better way is there to celebrate the alcoholic joys of February than to discover that a microbrewery has opened in Yangon. In fact this might be the first ever microbrewery in Myanmar, or not, I might be wrong, but that’s not important.... Continue Reading →

Karaoke! You’re doing it all wrong…

I have to admit up-front, I’m not mad keen on karaoke. It's never played an important role in my life or really ever filled me ereeith any great pleasure. It's always seemed to just be something that other people did, like croquet, or sudoku, or crystal meth. I have however  taken a certain interest in the... Continue Reading →

Be Not Inhospitable To Strangers

These words are painted on a wall in a bookshop in Paris called Shakespeare and Company. They’re  actually a paraphrasing of Hebrews 13:2, and when I first came across them I was struck by the power of their message, not for religious reasons, (obviously) as I don’t believe in Angels, but because the words mirror an... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Shakespeare

It is twenty-nine years ago to the day that I had to recite the poem ‘St George and the Dragon’ by Alfred Moyes at a school assembly. The terror of those excruciating 30 seconds burned onto my mind to such a degree that I can still repeat it ad-verbatim, and it still makes my knees... Continue Reading →

Poppadoms of Peace

To some they are just big crisps to crunch whilst waiting for a cold pint of Cobra, or a handy snack to soak up the evening’s alcohol consumption. To others they are a device to distract the mind from the rumblings of the stomach, or just something to pass the time whilst perusing the menu.... Continue Reading →

Writing on a banana with a blue ball point pen…

Is one of the most wonderful things you will do today. It’s more satisfying than spelling your name in the air with a sparkler and even more pleasurable than peeing your initials in the snow. Imagine writing with the fanciest fountain pen on the most expensive handmade paper, whilst sitting in a cloud in your... Continue Reading →

Taking one for the team

Regardless of what time of day it happens to be, it’s customary in these parts to take a drink with the Chief when you arrive at his village. So when the Chief of this particular dusty little hill village produced a dirty brown glass and a bottle of cloudy green liquid at nine in the... Continue Reading →

A ‘true’ story about Marijuana…

“Marijuana grows everywhere, serves a thousand different functions, all of them positive. To make marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake.” - Bill Hicks. A ‘true’ story. The year is 2 million years BC and a lone Homo Habilis is sat on the outskirts of his settlement by a burning field.... Continue Reading →

Guten Nacht

My early-to-bed-plan was rudely interrupted last night as both my phone and the four teams I had lost contact with simultaneously found themselves with reception. Through poor lines, intermittent service and my ability to speak fluent Myanmar by shouting loudly and slowly in English I managed to complete my nightly round up of the twelve... Continue Reading →

Drowning in my Pyjamas

Now that I have eventually arrived at the year before the year I turn forty, I’ve found myself doing a bit of reflecting; as you do when you get out of a car after fourteen hours and feel seventy. Do you know, I’ve never found myself in the situation of drowning whilst wearing pyjamas. As... Continue Reading →

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