A nightmare on Downing Street

A long and dusty road stretches off into the distance of a barren and parched landscape, a dirty barefoot girl in bloodied rags is staggering across the scrubland frantically waving and shouting at an approaching vehicle. The car skids to a halt a hundred meters down the road and as the girl clambers onto the tarmac the... Continue Reading →

This is a Christian country with Christian Values

It seems too coincidental that just a few days after David Cameron rolled out the old “This is a Christian country with Christian Values, we'll have no trouble here” speech like an old racist shopkeeper, he and his family, friends and everyone in Christendom and beyond who happen to be uber rich have  been exposed to be paying... Continue Reading →

Myanmar Tazaungdaing fire Balloon festival – ‘The Running of the Bulls’

Each November in the UK we celebrate a failed attempt to once blow up a king by huddling together in a draughty back garden to watch (from a safe distance) someone’s dad struggle to ignite (at arms length) a succession of damp fireworks. This bizarre festival to celebrate the capture of a religious terrorist is... Continue Reading →

Lettuce prey.

"Cinema’s ‘ban’ the Church of England Lord's Prayer advert!" And so they should! When I go to the cinema to watch a movie filled with guns and explosions and people being killed, with a hint of a love story and maybe one comedic character for the kids. I want lots of sneaky product placements to subconsciously... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Corbyn could do Kendo Nagasaki any day!

British politics today is like wrestling, and I’m not talking about that fake American stuff, I’m talking about real (and it was absolutely real) wrestling, proper British wrestling (circa the late 1970’s early 1980’s), when it was  televised on ITV World of Sport on a Saturday afternoon. Curtains would be drawn at 4pm every Saturday... Continue Reading →

Small acts of rebellion

“Do you have the time.” This is barked at me across the aisle in the quiet carriage on a Thursday afternoon by a man who makes it very clear that this is not a question, this is an order. From the manner in which he has spoken and way that he is dressed I imagine... Continue Reading →

The First Rule of the Yangon Whisky Club is…

There are no rules, (or if there are I was too busy boozing to catch them) and there are absolutely no distasteful and bizarre British initiation ceremonies involving animals. A simple interest in whisky will suffice. I'm not a big fan of 'clubs' it has to be said, organised fun doesn't interest me, and I find the condition that by being a... Continue Reading →

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