Be Not Inhospitable To Strangers

These words are painted on a wall in a bookshop in Paris called Shakespeare and Company. They’re  actually a paraphrasing of Hebrews 13:2, and when I first came across them I was struck by the power of their message, not for religious reasons, (obviously) as I don’t believe in Angels, but because the words mirror an... Continue Reading →

Don’t lie kids* (Contains Spoilers)

Because if you lie, Father Christmas wont give you any presents. He’ll zoom right past – on his sleigh pulled by flying reindeer - and go to the house next door; regardless of how much Sherry (do we still do that or has drink driving kicked that into touch?), mince pies and carrots you leave... Continue Reading →

“Spare some change mate?”

“Get a Job!” This was the reply an educated, articulate and generally amiable mate of mine gave to the guy sat on the floor as we walked past on a rainy boozy November night out. This beggar who’d dared to ask the question - one of the many on the streets of Manchester that didn’t... Continue Reading →

…and like Pavlov’s dogs we unconsciously respond to the sound of sleigh bells…

Abattoirs play classical music over loudspeakers as the animals are led to be slaughtered; the music provides a calming environment and stops them panicking and putting up a struggle when they realise the fate that awaits them at the end of the queue. In shops they play “Now that’s what I call Christmas”. It’s that... Continue Reading →

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