A nightmare on Downing Street

A long and dusty road stretches off into the distance of a barren and parched landscape, a dirty barefoot girl in bloodied rags is staggering across the scrubland frantically waving and shouting at an approaching vehicle. The car skids to a halt a hundred meters down the road and as the girl clambers onto the tarmac the... Continue Reading →

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

It doesn’t matter whether the recent allegations about the British Prime Minister are true or false, the damage has been done. And though what he is accused of doing is technically not illegal, (owning pictures of it might be), he will be remembered for this accusation for evermore, which is a bit of a shame... Continue Reading →

UK Election: Voting for the Rat King?

A Rat King (Roi des Rats) if you are unfamiliar with the phrase or have never seen one before, is a pretty nasty (possibly crypto-zoological) phenomenon. That is basically a collection of rats that are inextricably bound together through being born into and growing up in a restricted environment.   Due to this close proximity their tails... Continue Reading →

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