Russell Brand’s Monster? or NONE OF THE ABOVE

Back in October 2013 I chucked my two penneth down into the interweb along with a thousand others who had something to say about Russell Brand - (Russell Brand’s Revolution or “Wankers one and all”?). He’d just leapt into the political spotlight having guest edited the Spectator magazine and appeared on Newsnight to tell Jeremy Paxman that he... Continue Reading →

Russell brands Revolution: The leather trousered philanthropist.

Last year I wrote a blog: “Russell Brand's revolution: Wankers one and All”.   And recently it’s been getting a massive amount of attention. That might be because he’s just written a book called “Revolution”, or maybe it’s linked to the word “Wanker” in the title I don’t know. Or it could just be because... Continue Reading →

Russell Brand’s Revolution or “Wankers one and all”?

REVOLUTION We see this word a lot in our lives, and although not generally in our everyday vocabulary, we are happy for REVOLUTION to occur all over the place; in hair-care, tooth-whitening, and hand dryers. Even Argos have recently used it to justify the end to their catalogues and pens, and we still refer to... Continue Reading →

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