Market Shopping in Yangon

Have you ever cooked Pennywort, Roselle, or Myu leaves? Do you know what a Chinese Potato tastes like, or know what to do with a swastika printed tofu block? Have you been instructed how to properly dissect a squid, or been surprised by a catfish leaping at your ankles from a tin bowl on the... Continue Reading →

Haggling in Myanmar

You might find the whole process excruciatingly painful, an unpleasant trial to endure, or something you just want to avoid at all costs. It might be an integral part of your overseas experience, a normal aspect of your everyday life, or even a challenge you relish. But regardless of whether you love or loathe the... Continue Reading →

Missing a Taste of Home

For me it is tea - industrial strength tea, the kind of tea that you could build a house with, or slice up and make a sandwich out of - the kind of tea that would worry a cheap teaspoon. English Breakfast tea, Yorkshire Tea to be precise, Yorkshire Gold if I’m feeling flush. I... Continue Reading →

…and like Pavlov’s dogs we unconsciously respond to the sound of sleigh bells…

Abattoirs play classical music over loudspeakers as the animals are led to be slaughtered; the music provides a calming environment and stops them panicking and putting up a struggle when they realise the fate that awaits them at the end of the queue. In shops they play “Now that’s what I call Christmas”. It’s that... Continue Reading →

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