A nightmare on Downing Street

A long and dusty road stretches off into the distance of a barren and parched landscape, a dirty barefoot girl in bloodied rags is staggering across the scrubland frantically waving and shouting at an approaching vehicle. The car skids to a halt a hundred meters down the road and as the girl clambers onto the tarmac the... Continue Reading →

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

It doesn’t matter whether the recent allegations about the British Prime Minister are true or false, the damage has been done. And though what he is accused of doing is technically not illegal, (owning pictures of it might be), he will be remembered for this accusation for evermore, which is a bit of a shame... Continue Reading →

In ‘defence’ of Katie Hopkins

A lady called Katie Hopkins had an article published in the Sun Newspaper on Friday 17th April 2015, titled: "Rescue Boats? I'd use gunships to stop migrants". And it is upsetting a lot of people. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/04/18/katie-hopkins-russell-bra_n_7091674.html?utm_hp_ref=tw  http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/katie-hopkins-when-is-enough-enough-10186490.html But in defence of this Katie, (and this is probably not a view you’ll read anywhere else) I think... Continue Reading →

The 11p Crew

Aside from 50p Phil, there was another kind of beggar in Manchester that I used to meet regularly; these I christened the 11p crew. They primarily worked the outdoor area along Canal Street, and in between finishing the left over pints on the tables (mine sweeping they call it) they’d periodically pester you for 11pence.... Continue Reading →

50p Phil

There was a guy in Manchester who I’d see on an almost daily basis when I lived there, I named him 50p Phil. He was a beggar, just one of many I’d meet on my way to and from work in the city. 50p Phil had a slightly different take on the whole begging thing... Continue Reading →

Russell brands Revolution: The leather trousered philanthropist.

Last year I wrote a blog: “Russell Brand's revolution: Wankers one and All”.   And recently it’s been getting a massive amount of attention. That might be because he’s just written a book called “Revolution”, or maybe it’s linked to the word “Wanker” in the title I don’t know. Or it could just be because... Continue Reading →

Poppadoms of Peace

To some they are just big crisps to crunch whilst waiting for a cold pint of Cobra, or a handy snack to soak up the evening’s alcohol consumption. To others they are a device to distract the mind from the rumblings of the stomach, or just something to pass the time whilst perusing the menu.... Continue Reading →

So what do you do then?

I’ve been away from England long enough to have got over myself and my issues with the UK. Despite what I think about the place it will always be my 'home'. I wear the White Rose of Yorkshire with pride on my shoulder; it’s the symbol of my ‘tribe’, I proudly explain this to anyone... Continue Reading →

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